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FAQ on Finance and Taxation Consultation

Financial service /Payment Service/ Tax Related Services / Job outsourcing /Finance and Tax Training

Management costs are persistently high?
Networking and maintaining relationships are time-consuming?
It is hard to reduce financial and tax risks?
Accounting system and tax policy are changing rapidly?
Our Advantages
Extensive Information Sharing

We have been doing financial and tax consulting over 10 years on average, established an advanced enterprise database and nationwide cooperation network. We respond to changes in local financial and tax policies acutely and minimize information barriers to the largest extent.

Customized Planning

We work together with other business sectors to customize differentiated service plans based on the customer's industry characteristics and development stages, so as to achieve one-stop enterprise management services at the lowest possible cost.

Reliable High-quality Service

We have been imbedding "high standard and high quality" into every link of our service. We have been elected as the vice president of Shanghai Association of Accounting and Bookkeeping Service and rated as a Class A enterprise by the tax regulatory department for many years.

Scientific Decision-making

Inter-department cooperation mode enables our team to balance stability and flexibility of decision-making, solve financial and tax problems by a multi-dimensional perspective, and help clients efficiently implement their strategy.

Daily Service System
Accounting Service
Build accounting structure
software according to customers’ needs for accounting services
Prepare monthly financial statements in Chinese and English
Analyze financial indicators
Payment Service
Pre-check payment requests and expense reimbursement documents
Initiate payment instructions through clients corporate online banking, and complete payment after approval and authorization
Update the bank journal and prepare the bank reconciliation statement to reflect cash flow situation to the management
Special Services
Tax Related Services
  • · Tax declaration
  • · Tax filing under non trade items
  • · Issuing tax records and certificate
  • · Qualification verification of enterprises
  • · Liquidation for Enterprise Relocation or Closure
  • · Perennial tax consultant
Various Inspections Handling
  • · Prepare annual financial statements
  • · Audit consulting/assisting in audit
  • · lssue special audit report
  • · Annual enterprise income tax settlement
  • · Annual individual income tax settlement
Typical Services
Finance and Tax Training

Publicize and implement the latest national fiscal and tax policies, and answer questions about relevant knowledge and practice.Customize training courses of relevant knowledge and skills according to the needs of clients’ financial management

Tax Optimization

Identify and analyze customer types and qualifications from the perspective of finance and tax. Help customers identify and apply for financial subsidies or tax preferential policies.

On-site Service

Dispatch specialists to clients’ workplace to provide services, properly deal with emergencies such as financial position vacancies, and ensure the stability and continuity of the client's financial work.

Financial and Tax Health Check

Carry out comprehensive and in-depth financial and tax health inspection for clients and issue evaluation reports, help to avoid negligence in accounting treatment, voucher management, inventory management, tax declaration and other matters, so as to improve operation efficiency and reduce risks.

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