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Common Legal Problems for Enterprises

Is it a work-related injury when an employee is injured during the company's team building?

How should the employer negotiate the termination of labor contract with an employee?

Is it need to re-sign the business contract while one party changes its company name?

If an employee's work performance consistently fails to meet the standards, can the employer demote the employee, reduce his/her salary or terminate the labor contract?

How to write a warning letter if an employee violates company rules and regulations?

How to choose to register a Madrid trademark or an EU trademark when applying for an international trademark?

Is it legally required for the employer to provide breastfeeding leave to an employee after her giving birth?

Single Service
Legal Advice

Provide general legal advice to customers, or provide analytical opinions on specific legal issues in customer business management.

Text Service

Draft, revise, review and translate all kinds of legal texts, such as contracts, internal documents and letters, to help enterprises prevent contract disputes and avoid contradiction.

Legal Training

Popularize relevant legal knowledge to the internal personnel of customer in the form of thematic training so as to improve the awareness of legal risk prevention.

Program & Rule Customizationn

Design solutions or assist clients in designing, updating or modifying internal rules and regulations, workflows, etc., for specific events or projects in clients’ operation and management.

On-site Support Services

Provide clients with investigation support or on-site negotiation support.

Legal Dispute Service

Provide guidance on dispute settlement in case of legal disputes or represent clients in arbitration and litigation upon the authorization of clients.

Legal Information

Interpret and evaluate the latest laws, regulations, policies and their trends in the form of monthly magazine to help clients grasp relevant changes timely.

Perennial Service
Yearly HR Legal Services

We can assist or replace legal personnel of clients to solve HR legal issues and disputes involved in clients’ operation and management, pertinently avoid legal risks in HR matters and build a compliant and harmonious labor relation.

Yearly General Legal Affairs Outsourcing

We can effectively support and undertake part of duties of clients’ Legal Department through service outsourcing, help clients handle daily legal affairs, resolve legal disputes, reduce compliance costs, and avoid business risks.

Integrated Customization Service

In accordance with clients’ specific needs, we can combine legal consulting, text service, program design and other services to provide one-stop perennial integrated services through comprehensively analyzing their conditions of production and operation, organization and management, employment forms, corporate culture and other specific factors.

Specific Services
Employee Handbook Development/Review

Background research, employee handbook draft/review, employee handbook finalization and democratic disclosure processes.

Redundancy/termination Support

Legal and regulatory policy consultation, redundancy/termination plans review, negotiation guidance and on-site support for redundancy/termination.

Due Diligence

Review and analyze the target company in terms of legal entity, corporate governance structure, major debts and liabilities, human resources and labor security, major contracts/important customers/suppliers, financial status and other information requested by our client.

Trademark Services

Provide trademark services such as domestic trademark search/registration/renewal/transfer, international trademark registration/territorial extension, trademark reconsideration and etc.

We provide one-stop professional project services. The consulting and information services that can run through the entire production and operation period of our clients. If other problems arise during the service process, corresponding service items can be added at any time.
Our Advantages
Pragmatic & Efficient

Compared with specialized legal service institutions, we have more industry practical experience and can comprehensively consider the combination of theory and practice, so as to solve our clients' problems in operation more reasonably and effectively.

Professional Team

We cooperate closely with multiple law firms, the professional fields of which covering civil law, commercial law, labor law, intellectual property law, etc., so as to provide our clients with dual services of corporate legal and practicing lawyers.

Experienced & Reputable

Our team has accumulated abundant practical experiences in handling company-related legal affairs through providing daily legal services to our clients over the years. Our services cover various industries and have a good reputation among our clients.

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