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Investment Services
  • · Investment Consulting
  • · Market Research
  • · Investment Scheming and Implementation
  • · Recommendation on Registration Locations domestic and overseas
Investment Consulting

Consultation on policy, regional planning, project feasibility assessment, profitability prediction, risk assessment, etc.

Market Research

Market segmentation, target market selection and research, main business positioning, market participants and competitors analysis, customer profiling, value chain research, etc.

Investment Scheming and Implementation

Investment demand analysis and target selection, investment advantage analysis, major risk identification and response tactics, financial policy selection, operation system construction, marketing strategy formulation, etc.

Recommendation on Registration Locations

Based on industry, qualification and development stage of clients, we recommend suitable registration and seek policy support for customers, in order to help clients reduce operating costs while obtaining a better business environment.

Business Service
  • · Registration/Cancellation
  • · Company Change & Annual Inspection
  • · Special Qualification Application
  • · One-stop escort services

Establishment/cancellation consultation, document preview, various certificates processing, tax and bank account registration/cancellation, etc.

Company Change & Annual Inspection

Changes including but not limited , of business scope, company name, registration address, senior manager, equity transfer, registration capital, company acquisitions/divisions, domestic reinvestment of foreign-funded enterprises; and help with annual governmental inspection items processing, etc.

Special Qualification Application

Trademark registration, medical qualification, NVOCC qualification, alcoholic drink and foods sales qualification, import and export qualification application, compliance certification, etc. Hotel opening and license renewal services

Accompanied Services

Travel services, investigation/reception services, conference services, etc.

Our Advantages
Keen Insight
Multilateral Cooperation
Precise Implementation

Maintain close communication and deepen cooperation with relevant departments of local governments, timely grasp policy trends, and efficiently complete customer's entrusted matters.

Based on the Yangtze River region, we have cooperated strategically with various economic parks and development zones in many parts of the country. We strive to obtain different degrees of policy support in financial incentives, production factors, talent and techniques for our customers.

With various consulting service experience, our team can deeply understands the difficulties pain points faced by enterprise managers We provide customers with considerate services from strategy planning to final implementation, regarding their industry and stage of development.

Park Recommendation
Multi-regional cooperation

Familiar with the policies of attracting investment and talents in various places, we have established in-depth cooperation with industrial parks, technological development zones, bonded zones, demonstration bases and special economic zones in many places, covering major provinces in the country.

Multiple Preferential Policies

We work to obtain preferential policy incentives for our customers, such as tax refunds, financial incentives, talent introduction incentives, rent relief, financing facilities, industry support, special fund support for key projects, etc.

Overseas Investment Services

Conference service , visa application service and business activities

  • · HongKong

    · American States

    · Singapore

    · Marshall Islands

  • · The British Virgin Islands

    · Malaysia

    · Labuan

    · Cayman Islands

  • · Seychelles

    · Dubai

    · Britain

    · Samoa

  • · SamoaIsle of Man

    · Australia

    · Canada

    · New Zealand

Follow-up services
  • · Auditing of Hong Kong Companies

    · Annual Repor、Share Transfer 、Capital Increase、Certificate of Good Standing

    · Certified True Copy

    · Overseas Investment & Immigration

  • · Auditing of Overseas Companies

    · Offshore Bank Account Opening

    · Lawyer Notarization、Embassy Authentication

    · Hong Kong Insurance

  • · Tax Consulting

    · Global Trademark Registration

    · Apostille、Legal Opinion

    · Offshore Trust Services

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