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Star products【Function Outsourcing Service】

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Limited staffing?
High operating costs?
High staff turnover?
Frequent emergencies?

Function Outsourcing Service

Function Outsourcing Service offers you the access to external resources and fulfills your manpower demand in non-core positions. Devoted to reduce the cost as well as the risks of employment, our professional service team and related supporting staff enable you to enhance your core competitive advantages and optimize your human capital structure.

  • Diversified employment types
  • Effective task distribution
  • Flexible work modes
  • Reassuring emergency treatment
Your Considerate Business Partner
Our Advantages
Good Reputation

Over years of development, we have gained a good reputation. We served customers such as world-known coffee chain store, leading architectural designer, state-owned marine engineering giant, and Forbes Top 500 manufacturer, etc. Many customers start long-term cooperation with us after trying short-term FOS.

Abundant Resource

1) Based in Shanghai and inspired by a nationwide vision,we are cooperating with partners from more than 200 cities. We effectively help enterprises improve their business environment and reduce the start-up risk.

2) Our business extensively covers the product chain of enterprise services. Business consulting, HR outsourcing and consulting, financial and tax consulting and legal consulting modules are complementary with one another and provide powerful support for customer business.

Qualified Team

1) We gather a group of senior experts include salary and tax specialists, HR managers, accountants and lawyers, etc. They have been engaged in FOS for more than 10 years on average.

2) Our team is wisely structured and full of vitality. We can quickly and accurately meet the FOS needs of customers at different levels and terms.

3) With a standardized process, we established a comprehensive system of “recruitment - training - quality control – delivery” which enables the work results are delivered on time and with quality.

List of Outsourcing Function

1、Recruitment process structuring

2、Full-process recruitment (usually include interview invitation, preliminary and secondary test, status tracking, result feedback)

HR Affairs

1、Employment, resignation, transfer of personnel, labor contracts and files management

2、Calculation and declaration of salary base, social security and public accumulation fund

3、Application of various subsidies such as disability insurance

4、Identification of industrial injury and labor ability

5、Trans-regional medical reimbursement

Compensation and Welfare

1、Salary payment; Analysis of attendance and various data for report

2、Chinese or foreign employees salary accounting

Talent Introduction

1、Residence registration(“Hukou”) related services

2、ettlement of returned overseas students and newly graduated students from other provinces

3、Talent introduction and declaration

Financial and Tax Service

1) Overall accounting processing; financial whole-process outsourcing

2) Outsourcing of specific position (i.e. general ledger, functional accounting, cashier, invoicing)

3) Tax declaration; various subsidy applications; financial and tax health check

Data Support

1) Import, export, check and comparative analysis of various financial and business data

2) Accurate statistic, risk alert, leak detection and filling for various financial and business data

IT Support

IT operation and maintenance of financial system

Business Trip Affairs

1、Offer meeting reception, accommodation, transportation and translation for business trips

Administration Affairs

1) Handle incoming calls, letters and e-mails under instructions

2) Safekeep documents, seals and certificates; use and manage seals and certificates under instructions

Foreigner Affairs

1) Foreign high-end talents, professionals and others’ work permit and various residence permit processing

2) Supporting and related service for foreigner's certificates in China

3) Handle payroll, tax and global high-end medical insurance for foreigners

Shared Office

1) Provide exclusive office address and room number

2) Provide exclusive or shared office desks, office areas and office automation facilities, etc.

HR Legal Counsel

1) Solve legal problems related to labor and employment; provide legal advice

2) Review, amend and translate legal texts such as labor contracts

Corporate Legal Affairs Outsourcing

1) Provide daily legal advice and analysis opinions on specific legal issues in the process of corporate operation and management

2) Draft, revise, review and translate various legal texts

3) Give guidance on the revision and implementation of corporate internal policies, rules and regulations, and assist in handling corporate online legal process

On-site Support Services

1)Provide guidance for legal disputes (i.e. labor disputes, contract disputes, trademark infringement)

2)Participate in legal negotiations and help to resolve disputes

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